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91 minutes. Color. Sound. trailer:


A sophisticated philosophical thriller portraying a decaying world on the cusp of great transformation . A few years from now, the daughter and first techno-human creation of an eccentric scientist commits a murder, hoping to prove that the era of the flesh is over -- that even “death is dead”.



Technology’s exponential growth has been fast and furious, and human life is being transformed. Mankind is on the verge of re-engineering its biology, merging with the incredibly intelligent machines it has created. Mia 2.0, the world’s first “post-human” who, on the instruction of her creator and "father," Tom Mortlake, commits a murder to make a bold political statement that the fragile flesh body is over and eternal life is at hand. And while this sounds like science fiction, 2B is grounded in new technologies that are breaking out of the science labs today and will transform tomorrow . The film is based on a story from biotech entrepreneur Martine Rothblatt and the chief futurist at Google, Ray Kurzweil, who also authored, "The Singularity Is Near".  Bill Gates said Kurzweil's book, "imagines a human future where information technologies have advanced so far and fast they enable humanity to transcend its biology and transform our lives in ways we can't yet imagine."


Tom Mortlake – James Remar (The Warriors, Cotton Club, 48 Hours, Django Unchained)

Clay Konroy – Kevin Corrigan (The Departed, Goodfellas)

Mia 2.0  - Jane Kim (West 32nd Street, Feel) 

Borano - Florencia Lozano (Ugly Betty, Narcos)

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