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WORLD WITHOUT END Color and Black and white. 60 minutes.
Richard Kroehling, World Without End

The film opens with a title card: “Some of the people in the film do not exist, some of the events have not yet happened.”

Originally commissioned by England’s Film4. The film explores a new form of story telling,  living between fact and fiction, between the present and the future.  WORLD WITHOUT END is a journey into America and the "endtimer" subculture preparing for what they believe is their last days on planet earth. We follow a troubled war veteran into the remote Arizona desert on a journey to meet a Hopi Elder who shares with him an apocalyptic vision of a world run amok. On the way, he meets others who share his fear. In one scene, he gets transported into the future by a former U.S. military remote viewing master who delivers him into a prophetic future time.


An Italian critic and novelist wrote,” a movie making wild style that delivers you into a scorching disturbing world". European television and international film festival audiences.

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