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trailer password: Shelly


GAGLINE starts with a provocative image: a long unbroken tracking shot of a middle-aged woman walking alone to an anonymous hotel room high above a modern jetport. Outside a giant window overlooks a runway where travelers come and go. We hear the dull roar of jetliners taking off and landing. The woman walks to the window and presses her hands against the glass and collapses. Who is this restless and troubled woman? Why has she fallen?

Florencia Lozano (Ugly Betty, Narcos) and Ana Reeder (No Country for Old Men) are pensive women, newly divorced and creeping up on middle age.  Open to whatever comes their way, everything does. Bad men. Money problems. Impulsive behavior.  Motels with thin walls. Alcohol and a little weed make things quickly run amok. They walk the razor’s edge between self-creation and self-destruction and for a while it’s exhilarating. Ana views an old You Tube standup performance of infamous comedian Shelly Weintraub, played by Sally Norvell (Paris, Texas) and has a late-night epiphany. She becomes obsessed with the famed iconic comedian who disappeared fifteen years earlier. Weintraub, a female Lenny Bruce, infamous for her raunchy, over the top sex-based humor, has mysteriously disappeared years ago at the height of her fame by committing career suicide on prime-time TV. For Ana, is Weintraub her mysterious missing other half or a kind of mentor who holds an important clue to her reinvention and the making of a new life? On the last night of her career, Weintraub tells a national audience that it is no longer moral to be funny in a world of grotesque inequality. “Not funny!” says Fox TV and Weintraub becomes a new national pariah and simply disappears. 

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