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Richard Kroehling is a director, multidisciplinary artist, poet, and writer.


Richard was raised in Trenton, New Jersey and escaped to New York where he studied philosophy, writing, painting, and cinema with Austrian artist Peter Kubelka and Hollywood Icon Nick Ray. Kroehling’s work includes feature films, mainstream television, non-fiction, video art, photography, poetry and installation media art. Richard’s works have been screened at film festivals, art museums and galleries around the world including MOMA, the Jewish Museum, Brooklyn Museum,  Kunsthalle in Copenhagen, and Palazzo Della Triennale, in Milan.   Kroehling’s film, “WORLD WITHOUT END’ an experimental hybrid between nonfiction and fiction played in competition at Amsterdam International festival and internationally. Commissioned by England's Film4. One critic called it, ”a movie making wild style that delivers you into a scorching disturbing world". Richard has directed over seventy hours of television.  His controversial series CONFESSIONS, was called by a Roger Ebert critic, “more like art installation than mainstream TV,  bold and visionary".  Richard wrote and directed EINSTEIN starring William Hurt, the LA Times wrote, "the most astonishing, poetic compression of grand ideas ever achieved on film." and "2B The Era of Flesh is Over” a feature film starring James Remar (48 Hours, Django Unchained) and Kevin Corrigan (Goodfellas), based on his work on renowned futurist, author and director of Google research, Ray Kurzweil’s New York Times best seller,  “The Singularity Is Near”. Critics hailed the film, “This breathtaking movie is confronting as it is mesmerizing!”  His video art piece “SHADOW CASTING ME” was part of director’s Lars Von Trier’s Gesamt project Copenhagen Biennial Festival and the Swedish Goteborg International Film Festival. In 2018 Richard Collaborated with cinematographer Lisa Rinzler on DOLLARLAND, a multi-screened work installed at WAAM Museum and screened at Art Basel Miami.  Richard is currently completing a feature length performance film with poet laureates called AFTER and the feature film, I LOVE YOU SHELLY WEINTRAUB, starring (Florencia Lozano (Narcos) and Ana Reeder (No Country For Old Men). Richard has adapted for the screen and will direct WAR in 2022, from an original play by the celebrated Swedish playwright Lars Noren.