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NOTE: Ideally this work should be projected over a busy city street when  people are leaving their jobs or a busy big box store parking lot.

We see a woman kicking into empty space, heaving ribs, howling and running, shaking and hacking from breathlessness and going wild in a parking garage.  The actor Florencia Lozano (Netflix’s “Narcos” and “Ugly Betty”) creates a kinetic piece of cinema performance art somewhere between martial arts, contemporary dance, and pure anarchy. With this piece, I want to show how the body is the ultimate battle ground in a war against  the hidden laws, expectations, desires, prohibitions, regimes of control that are at play in our lives. We are pummeled everyday by the forces at play in our world. In this work, a woman goes to war against the invasive and invisible violence at play in her psyche. She lists a manifesto of sorts, (we see them in black text against red at the end) a cross between self-help magazine quotes and Buddhist’s slogans. “Catastrophe, she says, is my starting point” “there is no time” “stop wallowing in self-pity, don’t expect an academy award, don’t be swayed!”.  Lozano’s rigorous exercises might be spiritual rituals; chaotic personal movements or something more. You can feel her struggle as she dangerously bashes the cement wall with her fist almost losing control. Rolling across the floor and screaming at the top of her lungs. The battleground for her liberation is her body and she tests its limits.


15 minute. Single screen. Color and black and white. Sound.

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