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Color. Loop.
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INSTALLATION:  Two large screens will be placed in a corner at right angles to one another, each reflecting the imagery on highly reflective black floor. One screen will play the reality of the “rich” complete with its sound design of voices and audio textures. The flanking screen will have highly subjective and evocative imagery of “the poor” and details from their lives. We  see long unbroken tracking shots “floating” through the lives of the poor. VOICE-OVER SOUND DESIGN interweaves referring to both screens intermittenly confronting the divide between the privileged and the unprivledged.

In this time of grotesque inequality, I took the two opposed realities from two extreme economic ends of American society and put them together in one installation.  I utilized one text from a rich art collector who lives in Westchester. I utilized her diary where she has a polite squabble with neighbors over her “wild and outrageous” weekend parties.


I combined this reality with one from words taken from text messages of the underclass from Binghamton, New York, a rust belt industrial city in great decline. I show exterior landscapes and interiors of homes from of each world. There are few people in these empty scapes. You might see an empty tennis court and sprinkler purring on a green lawn in Chappaqua. An open trailer park door, smoke billowing from inside a Binghamton interior. The lack of bodies and the empty exterior and interiors heighten the internality of the piece. How do the poor see the world? How do the rich see the world? How do they use language to define/confine their lives and possibilities? The juxtaposition of these two radical visions of world provides provocative nuanced “collisions” to savor.


Since each screen narrative line synchronize differently with each pass, the work is structurally unfixed and ever mutable to new collisions of ironic beauty, political revelation, and possibly, meaning. 

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