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The reality of mass state surveillance has changed the boundaries of individual privacy rights in a free society. This work points to authoritarian devices of state control,  a meditation about technological surveillance intelligence using data, emails, voice recordings from telephone calls. But should we have a feeling of justified paranoia? "They" have access to everything, and are analyzing our words and data and storing it away. But ironically, as privacy is disappearing so is the opposite: the public space is being invaded by the most intimate data of our lives. People post the most secret details of their lives, transforming the public space and privatizing it forever. The beautiful anonymity of the public space is vanishing. This work is made up of formal cinematography, sound design, interwoven with internal tweets, posts and remarkable images and video gleaned from social media public postings.

BOUNDLESS INFORMANT CREATION (we are being watched how exciting)

A two-screen video and multi-tiered sound collage installation.

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