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Thinker Of Untold Dreams. 60 minutes. Color. Sound

Some have called scientist Stuart Kaufman the smartest man in the world. Now he is spreading the good news that he’s on to something really, really big.  Nothing short of the first glimmerings of a whole new scientific world view that depicts a sacred, creative universe. If that’s not enough he's formulating a new theory called “The Poised Realm” which answers the age-old mystery of the mind-body problem that goes back to Descartes. He's not a scientist that is afraid to ask the big questions. Do we have a morally responsible free will? How does awareness arise from the meaty grey matter of the brain? What is the ultimate nature of consciousness? Is the universe the accident of all accidents? And why is there anything at all? All the while there is a sense of urgency in him. He fights a medical death sentence and his personal demons.

A road movie. An essay film. A journey into the mind of one of the world's great thinkers.

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