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Series. 30 minutes. 13 episodes. Plus a two hour single screen installation.

I created this controversial series, each episode presenting videotaped police confessions of people who had committed violent crimes. Some called it the most important television of the year. Entertainment Magazine called it "powerful and part of a new wave". The New York Times called it "lurid" and "repellent". It became a national controversy. The Los Angeles City Council demanded it be taken off the air. It became an international story. I said in an interview with German television that I thought that it was disingenuous for some critics to denounce the program because it didn't provide the traditional safety net of experts, usually white men, providing the much needed context. I said that the audience is smart enough to decipher the material without an interpretation from experts. Ultimately, it was removed from the air by the head of Time Warner Inc. after only two shows. The show had high ratings in prime-time and was a  ahead of its time. It later became a stand-alone two-hour work and an installation in European film and art festivals.

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