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Single monitor loop in black and white and color. Endless loop in black and white and color. Silent.

A painterly cinema experiment --flaming colors  – fire engine reds -- cobalt blues super saturated and ironic beauty of America running amok in old archival post cards, color fields and text fragments. The image buckles and convulses a riotous storm of connections. The long vanished people in the film's motel rooms are present in the eternal now of cinema   -- – ghosts in eternity  -- the picture plane is complex and it throbs with a sometimes 3D a stroboscopic staccato. The rapid oscillations of two different picture fields produces at times a new imaginary world and condensation of visual reality into brand new space. Sometimes if one allows an un-ruled vision unbridled by culture habits the film induces a spatial ambiguity and a trance like 3d effect, showing reality is fragile and fleeting and impermanent leaving only you. Alone and impermanent.


I used my own personal recipe to imitate cinema optical printing where one frame of a time is re-photographed by a second camera—forward in backwards in an infinite variety of possibilities, creating a series of stuttering affects that confound the eye and brain and make it reconsider the unfolding of events.


Utilizing found motel postcards and new camera images and by overlapping rapid staccato editing.  By the process I achieved a kind of decoding of depth perception and creating a faux 3D imagery -- a shimmering depth of retinal pleasure. The image buckles and convulses an invented subjective storm. The long vanished people in the film's motel rooms are present in the eternal now of cinema. I also the inserted color field panels that resonated tonally with the film stock. Since so many of the motel postcards are over 20 year old there are layers of historical memory. Time is scrambled into fragments and interesting new connections are discovered. Time and causality are thrown out of whack. Things that cause things are now cause by the thing they cause. Repetitions plays it powerful trick on the mind and its natural ability to search for meanings.

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