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4 minutes. Black and white. Night vision camera. Screen. Sound.

A painterly cinema experiment exploring the secret lives of animals utilizing night vision cameras against the wacky and entrancing soundtrack of Captain and Tennil’s 1976 pop music hit  “MUSKRAT LOVE” and random message machine excerpts left by computerize human voices.  The nocturnal image convulses and flickers in a riotous storm of high contrast pixels. The animals are like ghosts in an eternity of an un-ruled vision unbridled by culture’s rules. My hope is that the film induces a kind of trance as we experience the secret lives of Jungian phantoms that inhabit the night and at the same time is the buried subjective “night” deep inside our psyches. The phantoms are a part of our “self”. The pop song’s haunting repetitions and saccharine massage about love’s ecstasy creates a clash between the odd products of civilization and eternity.

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