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JUNE 23, 1940. “Nazi junkies disappear in shadows of the Eiffel Tower.
4:15 Minutes. Loop. Single screen. Color and black and white. Sound design.
“Nazi junkies disappear into the shadows of the Eiffel tower”


June 23rd . 1940. On the day after Hitler and his high command visited Paris, heroin hypodermic needles where found in their hotel suites. Hitler would gush emotionally about Paris's beauty  for months afterward. He was so impressed, he ordered the Third Reich’s architect Albert Speer to revive plans for a massive construction program of new public buildings in Berlin, an attempt to destroy Paris, not with bombs, but with superior architecture. “Wasn’t Paris beautiful?” Hitler asked Speer. “But Berlin must be far more beautiful. When we are finished in Berlin, Paris will only be a shadow.”


An exploration of vast narcissism and fascist dream world. The piece is built on the square aspect ratio and the common black and red color of the fascist regimes. Rare archival film of Hitler visiting the Eiffel Tower. Sound design built from the Longherin Prelude by Richard Wagner and other textural elements.

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