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Dream Series #1 through #28 (single monitor, 2 to 20 minutes. Color.  Sound.


Images and novel new faces and spaces arise in the mind and travel back down the optic nerve and occur in 3d space – some say projected in space – like a projector.  – Rupert Sheldrake”

Often we see ourselves inside the dream,  but who then is the dreamer of the dream?  Who dreams the image event field of the dream? And how does the dream get so specific? Often there are faces – one has never seen in “real” life – and yet their features or so finely drawn. Who can account for their shocking specificity? Where does this detail arise from and from whose hand is it drawn?


Dream #1


I am on a train rolling into the darkness of an endless tunnel going deeper and deeper under the city.


Dream #2



The chiaroscuro lighting of a Caravaggio’s painting. The father sits at a distance from her bed. The daughter looks on.  He prepares for night out.  Odd disjointed events occur in the dream. The sound of angels, incomprehensible applauds, opera, even laughter. Then the daughter inside this dream sees herself in her own dream.

She leans up in her bed to see herself as an apparition.

Dream #5

I see my father counting money under a highway overpass.  His body is translucent. Cars and trucks from the overpass pass through him.

Was I to get something golden from him?


In this cine-poem when I mention he had gold for me. In the film we see a golden German beer stein. A significant image, gold is symbolic of the uncharitable and incorruptible, the young Wagnerian Rhine maiden's golden hair symbolizes an incorruptible treasure waiting to be discovered and claimed by a noble adventurer. The beer stein represents the worldly. The deadly, the archaic. Maybe.















Dream #7 LISA'S DREAM  (a collaboration with Lisa Rinzler)


Infrared film. Black and White . Voice. 07:00


Photographed in the barren California high desert. Lisa’s haunting dream is recalled. A single mother who is disturbed by not providing for her daughters. She remembers the inside of a rental house in minute detail.

Dream # 21

“A Stag On The Altar of St. Eustace” Color and Black and White. 03:29

A deep and complex layering of European metaphor beyond comprehension. In this dream we see a stag wander onto an alter of a Catholic church, a golden crucifix glows in the background. Mythology in the dream-maker's mind utilizes stories involving supernatural deer. According to legend in the story of Saint Hubertus, on Good Friday morning, when the faithful were crowding the churches, Hubertus sallied forth to the chase. As he was pursuing a magnificent stag, he was astounded at perceiving a crucifix standing between its antlers, which occasioned the change of heart that led him to a saintly life.


Dream # 21 

Ghost of Dollarland


An Abandoned factory, the ghosts of anarchist ex-workers and the cry of an infant echoes about the highly-charged haunted place.



An ancient ascended master and a laughing obese woman.


Dream # 28

A primordial landscape before language


A time before the separation of mind, self and the world.  In this piece there is a sense of this primordial landscape. An image of nature as a force in the well of our true being. A dazzling spectacle of soaring landscape representing the external earth as internal mind. The sound design yielding an experience of consciousness as an entity.  


PROJECTION NOTE: This  kaleidoscopic dream is also ideally a single installation projected on a massive 40x200 foot wall or screen with an almost deafening sound design track, My desire is to immerse the viewer inside the landscape,  to overwhelm human scale like a giant tidal wave of light and sound.

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