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3:30 minutes. Color. Black and white. Sound/silent. Two screen installation. Loop.

“The era of plot and story is passing. You can feel it in every book, in every play, in the movies, certainly TV. Plot and story cause panic by speeding up the course of time, by presenting causalities and conflicts that do not exist. Dramatic composition and false beings played by celebrities, creating events outside space and time. And yet we tie our destiny to them.” –Tobias Hullswitt

In many works I have utilized my own hand-made optical printer techniques which creates a wide range of speeds an repetitions of image and sound creating a tension and blurring between the handmade and the digitally modified.


A hand-made optical printer poem, stuttering a ghost poem of love and sexual longing -- a man and woman trapped inside the narcissistic dream of the "unknowable other”. And so, with this short two minute piece, I tore apart a story of longing and love between two estranged lovers into fundamental dramatic units, and reconstructed them as a cinematic painting in the rhythm of only to find, plot and story again, completely intact.


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