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Selected Press:


“… the most astonishing and poetic compression of grand ideas ever managed in one hour of television … a masterful film portrait… Kroehling enters Einstein’s mind with great personal cinematic style.”

(EINSTEIN) / Robert Koehler, The Los Angeles Times

"Powerful.  EInstein's sweetness and simplicity comes through." /The New York Times


“William Hurt eloquent portrayal, Michael Galasso’s haunting score, and director Kroehling shifting rhapsody of black and white imagery make a moving emotional portrait.”  / The Hollywood Reporter


“A movie making wild style that delivers you into a scorching, disturbing world.” 

“A proposition For Richard” by Francesco Scarpelli (WORLD WITHOUT END) / Milano Creativo, Filmmaker Cine Magazine


“…World Without End, is an eerie and poetic, a visionary work that film that will complicate all future discussion about non-fiction film.”



Confessions Series. “Powerful and gripping, part of a new wave”.

/ Entertainment Magazine.

Confessions Series. "Repellent!"/ The New York Times.


“Kroehling created a crime landscape of novelistic intensity. As in the best work of Oliver Stone we get in the minds of the main characters – sometimes simultaneously.”

 (Matt Zoller Zietz, Cop Killer’s Wife) /

"If you loved Robert Duval in "The Great Santini", you will love Rookies!" Josh Friedman, /The Los Angeles Times.


“Designed to jump start the conversation about the moral and religious questions raised by A.I. This breathtaking movie starring James Remar is as confronting as it is mesmerizing!” , “2B” / Trenchard Smith, Sydney Film Festival and preeminent Australian Film Critic

"Terrific! Gutsy! Artfully examines the epochal issues at stake." /"2B" Ray Kurzweil, Director of Google Research and the author of NY Times best seller, "The Singularity Is Near."

"In 2B science fiction has caught up with reality…”

/The Huffington Post

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