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In 3 acts. 9 minutes. Color and black and white. Sound. Loop. 
Color and black and white. Sound. Loop. 

The genesis of this piece came from my love of painting and music. Its focus is color. its density, its timbre and how it might evoke this expression of light and mass and form. I want to put the viewer into the path of light, and for a moment of dissolving self and in that moment one is observing.


My “enabling constraints” were simple and direct. As I composed the work I choose a series of side-by-side color rectangles that change and vibrate in hedonistic color and texture along with three sound tracks for each variation. The first soundtrack a complex sound design of slowed down nature sounds and other sound sources.  The second rhapsodic variation is “Baby Love”, by the Supremes and the final act variation is made up a dramatic fragment from the famous 1960 television show Bonanza. In this variation, we hear Hoss and his brother, “little Joe”, in a panicked discussion of how to help an “Indian squaw” found pregnant and about to give birth on their vast Ponderosa Ranch.

NOTE: Best projected at least ten feet high since many of the rectangles are vertical. The piece is made up of and inspired by things I like: the light sculptures of American sculptor James Turrel, Warhol's factory film portraits, and Diana Ross.

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